Welcome to the Wylde Kingdom Test Kitchen!


There is not a single finished dollhouse in the entire Wylde Kingdom right now. Not one. -cries-  So I had been pondering how I was going to take pictures for an Etsy site. 

And then, David of David's Dollhouse brought me this beautiful room box kitchen he'd made!! He said I could use it for my photography needs for as long as I needed it! 

It is a thing of absolute beauty. He did an amazing job on it, and I love everything about it. It's a custom built kitchen to showcase those Houseworks kitchen kits! (which David has available for sale in his OTHER Etsy shop, Dreamhouse Miniatures, just in case you needed a custom kitchen or just some cabinets yourself.)

The wallpaper is chicken themed, so I grabbed all of the glass chickens I could find wandering the Wylde Kingdom, and I think they're going to fit in here just fine! 

And now to find some other "kitcheny" kinds of things to put on the counter and in the cabinets. So many thanks to David for letting me borrow his kitchen. It's PERFECT! And now, back to making all the things and getting ready for these miniature shows in February! Yay!!

- Wendy 
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