The Silver Crane Art Gallery - Starting to Set Up


Once upon a time, right here in the Wylde Kingdom, there was a tiny art gallery called The Silver Crane. Artists from all over Denver, Colorado created tiny pieces of artwork to display inside of it. 

This is a picture from the gallery as it was still being constructed. We needed to have the artwork around so we could have an idea of where to put the light fixtures on the walls and spotlights on the ceiling. 

Tomorrow I'll show you a picture of it with the artwork hung. It was such a beautiful building, and an incredible project. It was so much fun to put together (even if putting those hardwood floors together literally made me cry.) 

For now, back to the miniature mines I go! I have exciting news about a miniature show where I'll be selling my stuff (If you Instagram, you can see my adventures in starting up a miniatures business here - I Am Selling at the International Market of Miniature Artisans in February!! Whoo!!!)

More Silver Crane photos tomorrow! Have a great Friday!

- Wendy 
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