By the Pricking of My Thumbs, Something Adorable This Way Comes....

 This little bit of adorable cuteness is Button. 

She's on her way to the Wylde Kingdom from her previous home in New Mexico. 

Button is an Orient Doll, So Ye, and she's adorable. A million years ago, when I had dolls before ( there were Orient Dolls who lived here. A bunch of them. They were cute, high quality and relatively inexpensive BJDs. They were also readily available at my local doll shop, Denver Doll Emporium

Button lived with her cousin, Amaya (on the left, in purple) and they will still be pen pals and keep in touch after she gets here. She's due to arrive on Monday, and I cannot wait. 

Even though I am a professional dollhouse and miniature maker, there is not a single finished dollhouse here. So there wasn't really a place for Button to move into. I decided that wasn't going to work, and so I found a pattern and made her a tent

I mean, it's kind of a fancy tent. Not just a tent tent. I hope it will be cozy and comfy for this little lady. This will most certainly not be the last of things I make for Button. 

The jeans in this picture, I did not make. (I wish! Aren't they gorgeous? I got them from Denver Doll Emporium a million years ago. They're made just for Orient Dolls!) 

But the poncho, I DID make. I couldn't sleep last night (that happens a lot. I think I'm nocturnal) and I've been looking at all these crochet patterns for stuff Button's size, but I don't want to make anything fitted until she gets here (so I know it will fit her) but a poncho.... a poncho would fit, right? 

So I crocheted a poncho from a Sweet Silver Creations pattern. I love it (I love all of her patterns) and hopefully Button will too. :) 

Anyway, that's what's going on here, in the Wylde Kingdom. I am very excited and looking forward to Monday. I cannot wait to meet this little dolly. It's been a very, very long time since there's been a doll in the Wylde Kingdom, but you know what? I think I missed them. 

- Wendy 
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