Wightwick Manor - Ready for Halloween


When I thought to post a picture of Wighwtick Manor all decorated for Hallowen, I was unprepared for the nostalgia that would bring. It hurts my heart a little bit, how much I miss this dollhouse. 

This is Wightwick Manor, you saw the inside of one of the bedrooms in a post the other day. This massive dollhouse used to live right in the center of Norm's Dollhouse, in Centennial Colorado. I am so lucky to have gotten to play in it, and my dolls were the first to ever set foot in it! 

Back in 2021, I got to dress it all up for Halloween so my dollies could have a Halloween party in it.

You can see the pictures from their party here, if you like - Pictures from a Pixie Halloween Party Part 1

I might post more pixie Halloween photos here too, as it gets closer to Halloween. I don't play with BJDs anymore, but the pictures make me miss them a little bit. I had a lot of fun with them. 

I'm frantically trying to get stuff ready for the miniature shows where I'll be selling (my own table, for the first time ever! I've always sold my stuff through David's Dollhouse. It's very exciting, if a bit scary.), but WOW does this make me want to work on my dollhouses. They're not even half the size of Wightwick (they might have fit IN Wightwick, actually) but still... I miss having dollhouses, and I need on again. Soon. 

-dreamy sigh- Oh Wightwick Manor, how I miss you.... 

- Wendy
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