Welcome to Midnight in the Dollhouse!!


Welcome to Midnight in the Dollhouse! My name is Wendy Wylde, and I am a professional miniature maker. I sell my items under the name Wylde Kingdom Miniatures, but I wanted to have a place to just play and share random photos of miniatures I've taken, and so this blog was born! I am so excited to share my miniature fascination with you! There's so much to do. 

I'm going to need more coffee! :) 

- Wendy 
Midnight in the Dollhouse 
Wylde Kingdom Miniatures


Marilyn D. said…
Welcome to the mini blog world, Wendy. I look forward to seeing your future posts. - Marilyn D.
Thank you so much, Marilyn! I think it's going to be fun! I haven't had a blog, mini or otherwise, in a very long time. So this is going to be an adventure! Thank you for the warm welcome!

Midnight in the Dollhouse