Tiny Tropical Cookies


I am a professional miniaturist (sometimes psychic and magician too, but miniatures I can do without leaving the house, so lately I do that more.) 

There are TWO miniature shows coming up for me in February: The Denver Museum of Miniatures Dolls and Toys' "Little Show" in mid February and then the International Market of Miniature Artisans' show a couple weeks after that. 

February sometimes feels like a long way away, but when making stuff... not so much. 

So I might sometimes post here stuff that I'm working on too. Like these little tropical cookies I finished last night: 

They were inspired by the travels of a magician friend of mine, named David Parr. He's currently performing in Hawaii and that got me thinking about tropical things cookies happened. :) 

If you like magic, you should definitely check out David's stuff. I'm not a huge fan of most magic, but I love his stuff, and he fools me all the time. He even fooled Penn & Teller! - David Parr on Penn & Teller and he's just a good guy too. 

If you want to see more handmade miniatures from the Wylde Kingdom, I have an Instagram just for that kind of thing here - Wylde Kingdom Miniatures on Instagram

I envisioned this blog as a place for behind the scenes photos and pretty pictures of miniatures. But I am super proud of these tiny cookies, and I wanted to share them. I hope you like them too!  :) 

- Wendy 
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