Through the Dollhouse Doorway

When I worked at Norm's Dollhouse, I got the pleasure of working on a LOT of different dollhouses. Every time we did one, I always thought "Okay, this one is my favorite." But this one... this was really special. 

I'll post more pictures of it as time goes by, I'm sure. I hope the lady we did it for is still enjoying it and now it's full of her treasures! 

Also, when I post dollhouse photos, a lot of them are going to be of empty rooms. I got to work on other people's houses, and so the rooms were for THEM to fill. I just polished floors and painted and stuff. :) 

And maybe eventually there'll be a dollhouse in the Wylde Kingdom again that I can show you. You never know. :) 

P.S. If you have a dollhouse that you need finished/refurbished, David still works on houses for customers. He is absolutely amazing, and everything I know about dollhouses, I learned from him. So, if you're in Colorado and you need a dollhouse fixed up, contact I think he's got a waiting list going right now, but it can't hurt to get on it! 

Heck, maybe someday I'll hire him to do a dollhouse for ME! :-D 

- Wendy 
Midnight in the Dollhouse 

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