Quiet Evening in the Witch House

It's a quiet evening in the Witch House. This little house was finished at Norm's Dollhouse by David Nielsen and played with by ME! :) 

It was a lot of fun to play with, and now it's in a private collection. 

Happy Spooky Week from the Wylde Kingdom! 

- Wendy 
Midnight in the Dollhouse

Wylde Kingdom Miniatures


Daydreamer said…
Hi Wendy! I'm enjoying your revisit of old stuff in Memory Lane!
Some of these I had not seen before... or just don't remember... Lol!
Hi Daydreamer!! I am so glad! I was hoping people would feel that way.Some of these, I haven't seen in AGES, myself. Until I get one of the dollhouses currently languishing in the Wylde Kingdom finished up and pretty, I don't have a lot to take new pictures of. :) Thanks for taking this walk down Memory Lane with me!