Introducing (Again) The Rocky Mountain Eyeris!


I've had a couple people asking about the eyeball in my Midnight in the Dollhouse Facebook Page avatar. And that is the eye of a Rocky Mountain Eyeris! I started making them way back when, when I worked at Norm's Dollhouse, I think right around 2013? A million years ago. They're fun to do, and I love them. I haven't made (grown?) a batch of them in a few years, so I should probably see about making some. 

They are plants that like indirect light (because sunglasses are really difficult to find for them), and if they seem like they're getting dried out, you can just let them watch a sad movie and they'll cry and perk right up! Or, something like that. :) You never know about the plants in the Wylde Kingdom. 

- Wendy
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