Flowers in a Dollhouse Window


This was shot in one of the bedrooms of Wightwick Manor, the biggest dollhouse I've ever gotten to play in. There'll be more pictures of Wightwick too, because now all I have of it are memories and photographs, and I like remembering it. It was an amazing house, and it went to a great new home when the dollhouse shop closed. 

If you ever got to see it while it was on display at Norm's Dollhouse in Centennial, Colorado, you know how amazing it was, and why I miss it sometimes. 

Anyway, seemed like a nice day for some flowers in a window. I love the feeling of this room, and while I think there's something magical about a dollhouse with all the interior lights on, there's something very magical about natural light coming through a dollhouse window too. 

Or, maybe I just like dollhouses in ANY light. Hmmm... could be. 

- Wendy 
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