Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Coming Soon - Downloadable Book Files on Etsy

So, I used to make dollhouse books to sell using the accordion fold.

They were a lot of fun to do, and it's probably the easiest way to make a readable dollhouse book.

But it isn't how I make my books anymore (I am using double printed pages now, which is a PITA, but with pretty cool results).

But this means that I have files for a whole bunch of accordion fold books that I'm not using and will most likely never use again.

And that's when I thought maybe OTHER people would like to make them!

So I'm cleaning up the files a little bit (I never thought they'd be worked with by anyone but me, honestly) and photographing a tutorial and I'll have them up for sale after a bit! They will only be available in one size (1:12 - dollhouse scale), but if I can figure it out I may include some directions for changing sizes.

I've never shot a tutorial before, so wish me luck! I'll let you know once they're up and ready to sell!

- Wendy