Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"The Little Show" is Almost Here!!!!!

It's almost here. Just 3 days(ish)!!!

I think everything that's going is pretty much ready to go.

I am shocked at how much more spiffy my books look in bags with headers. They look so... official!

I'm nervous, but excited. It's been a while since I sold at the Little Show, and this will be the first time ever we've sold as just US and not Norm's Dollhouse.

After the show, I guess it's all adding stuff to the website and making new things, which is my favorite part to be honest.

See you at the show!

- Wendy

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Getting Ready for the "Little Show"

I am so not ready for this miniatures show.

And it's coming.


There is so much to do!!! GAAAH!!!!

It's always a fun show to do. I only went as a visitor last year, I didn't even get a table.

So I have some making up to do.

My latest thing has been making reasonably priced cakes.

They're fun, and they're quick and they're going to be right around $7.50 each. :) I'm quite pleased with them, though I need to make a bunch more before this show...

... this show in 13 days.

So wish me luck. Not a lot of time for blogging, but I'll try anyway! Hope your weekend is amazing!

- Wendy