Friday, December 9, 2016

Losing Wightwick Manor

 Norm's Dollhouse, my local dollhouse shop and a huge part of my miniatures history, is closing March of next year.

This is heartbreaking all on its own, but honestly it's about time they got to retire and move on and do other things with their lives. It's been almost 40 years they've been doing this. I understand, and I'm happy for them.


... their closing also means that Wightwick Manor is leaving to a new home.

And no matter where it goes, it will be a new home away from me. It will be a new home where I will never be able to play in this house again.

This hurts my heart.

My Miranda was the first doll to EVER set foot in Wightwick Manor. Ever. And that is special to me.

My dolls had picnics there.

And Halloween parties.

One of my dolls even fell in love with the ghost who lived in Wightwick Manor.

 There was a Christmas party too.

There was a movie crew that used Wightwick for part of a film they were making, which was very exciting (even if they scared the ghost a whole lot).

I have loved that house, and now, it will be gone forever.

There is a possibility that it will end up in the local dollhouse museum, which doesn't sound like a bad fate for a dollhouse, I know.

They already have a dollhouse built by Norm Nielsen Sr - Kingscoate. And they have completely, and irreparably damaged it. I don't know what happened, I can't even imagine, but the last time I was there, the wiring was hanging out of it like spaghetti. It is so gutted, it would take tearing into the walls to fix the wires now. It broke my heart to see it, and I am absolutely terrified that they will do the same to Wightwick if it ends up with them.

But what can I do? They're asking $10,000 for it... which is a STEAL but far more than I have (that's more than my car cost!). And if I DID come up with the money, where on Earth would I KEEP it? Part of its charm is that it is HUGE and I have no room.

I am trying very hard to come to terms with the fact that I cannot save the Manor, but it isn't going well.

I have fantasies about doing a GoFundMe to put together the money to buy it. Maybe put it in a big storage unit where I could photograph it. Write a book in it so ultimately it paid for itself.

That would make it an investment, right? "It's not a play toy! It's a photography prop for this book I've been wanting to write forever!" That would make it okay, right? Right?

My loved ones would think I'd lost my mind.

Maybe I have. It is such a magnificent house, its beauty might have made me crazy.

But it is all fantasy. I can not save it.

 And it is breaking my heart.

If you have $10,000 laying around, please rescue Wightwick Manor and let me know that it's got a great new home.

If, like me, you do not have $10,000 for a dollhouse at the moment, if you're near Norm's Dollhouse between now and March, you should stop in and take one last look at the Manor. It is a breathtaking house and very inspirational for any dollhouse builder. Hand cut wood floors; handmade light fixtures; the building is all from scratch.

See it before it's gone - I promise you, there isn't another house in the world quite like it.

I am going to miss it so much. Farewell, Wightwick Manor. It has been amazing to know you. :) 
- Wendy