Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wylde Kingdom Forecast: Moldy with a Chance of Motorcycle!

My workbench is covered in molds.

I might have gone a little crazy in the mold department.

But I've been experimenting with hot glue and molds and it is SO MUCH FUN!!!

I can't seem to stop.

And now I have half a million cupcake decorations.

So I guess I'd better made some cupcakes.  :)


My baby dirt bike finally moved to my house. She needs a bath, but she's HERE!!!

I have the perfect place to ride her: private roads, 10 mph speed limit, very little traffic. And since it refuses to snow here, even though it IS November, I might as well get in some (badly needed) motorcycle practice.


Oh.... and I will have some gingerbread houses to show you very soon (I love THOSE molds too!)

I hope that if you've been busy it's with things as nifty as molds and motorcycles!

- Wendy