Friday, October 21, 2016

Oh Facebook.... GLUE Guns are For Crafting!!!

I guess I'd gone a week or two without actively hating Facebook. But today... I just can't stop shaking my head.

So I posted:

"Hey, crafty friends (and anyone who might know) - any thoughts on where to find inexpensive mini glue guns? (7mm stick size) They don't need to be super heavy duty or anything. But I need ... um... 17 of them... HELP! Thank you in advance! :) "

And I got this: 

So apparently Facebook doesn't know that glue guns are for making crafty things? I get that Facebook hates guns. I know this. But it's a HOT GLUE GUN.  WTF did they think I was going to do? Bond myself to a school?

I can't stop shaking my head. Utterly ridiculous.

But as a side note, I really DO need 17 mini hot glue guns. A friend suggested Michael's, so maybe I'll try there Monday or Tuesday (I work all weekend.)

I guess if I try to post a tutorial about what I'm doing with 17 glue guns, I'll need to bring in the NRA so FB doesn't delete it?

Hope your Friday is less stupid than mine. :)

- Wendy

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Gingerbread Molds from Ruth Stewart!!! I can't wait!!!

I just saw these on Ruth Stewart's webpage this morning -

And about fell over from how cute they are!!!

Each one...

... is even cuter...

... than the last.

The schoolhouse even has a bell! A little gingerbread bell!!!

They are on their way.

With all the inspiration I suddenly had about how to decorate them and what to do with them, I HAD to get them.

I'll let you know how it goes once they arrive. I am so excited.

Hope your Tuesday is full of wonderful, exciting things too.

- Wendy

Friday, October 14, 2016

We're Doing the 3 Blind Mice Show!!!!

So the big miniature announcement from me right now - David & Wendy's Dollhouse will be selling at the 3 Blind Mice Show in Chicago next year!!!! (April 20th - 22nd, 2017 to be exact)

This is seriously so exciting. But also, a little scary. This will be the first big show that we've ever done as "David & Wendy's Dollhouse". AND it's in Chicago. I've never been there, and that is one long drive.

But it is going to be amazingly worth it. This is such a great show. It's been around FOREVER, and is run by the 3rd owner who loves it and loves miniatures.

I think that counts for a lot.

So I'll be collecting 3 Blind Mice art for the next few blog entries.

I'm a little excited. Maybe you can tell.

But it's also a little intimidating. There are some big names that come to this show. It IS super established, and we're just starting out.

And 6' of table never seems so vast until you have to come up with handmade product to fill it.

So... yeah...

So excited. A little nervous. But this is going to be amazing.

So many thanks to Linda for letting us do her show. We are honored to get to be a part of it.

Vendor at Three Blind Mice Miniature Shows

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make tons and tons of stuff!!! I got a website and a table to fill!!! LOL! :)

Hope your Friday is full of excitement and wonderful news too!

- Wendy

Sunday, October 9, 2016

That's Enter-cane-ment!

Still no time for mini crafting, which is getting depressing.

But, this morning, before I head out to work, I did manage to get all my polymer canes organized.

I might have a slight addiction to polymer clay canes, I'm realizing.

Anyway, now they're all organized so when I DO have time to make stuff, they'll be easily accessible and ready for use!

Though, any ideas on what this one IS?

I've looked at it and looked at it and I genuinely have no clue. Any thoughts on what it's supposed to be would be most appreciated!

Though, at this point, no matter what it is I'm having a hard time imagining it on a mini cupcake. :)

Off to work (filling in for a coworker) but hopefully I'll have a couple crafty days and some time to PLAY coming up here soon!

Hope your Sunday is full of crafty, spiffy stuff!

- Wendy

Monday, October 3, 2016

No More Facebook for Wendy & Last Brain Teaser for a Bit

This was last week's brain teaser for work. It'll be the last one for a week or so, while we take a short break and regroup.

Answer at the very bottom of this post.

I spent more of this weekend fighting with my computer than I'd planned, and it was entirely because of Facebook. Facebook did a very shady thing to my computer, and so I am done.

The way it went down for the fellow who wrote this article is exactly how it happened for me.

Having no options other than "Download our program, or never be able to sign into your Facebook account again": not okay.

That their program immediately buried itself in my computer files, making it very difficult to find it and delete it : also not okay.

And for the record, there was no malware on my machine. Even the program they forced me to download couldn't find any. 

I only JUST got the program off my machine this morning, and it took some doing (I had to call in my computer expert. I couldn't have done it alone.)

So yeah... if you're on Facebook, just be aware that this could happen. I think several of my friends think that it wasn't actually Facebook, but since this is their official "Yaay! We are keeping you safe by making you download stuff you don't need!" message I have absolutely no reason to think it wasn't them. In fact, they seem almost proud of it.

Anyway, if it happens to you, know that even if you delete it, it's still there and you will probably need help to get it off your machine.

But, I HAVE to be on Facebook for work and for my new little business page, so I'm accessing through a different account, on a dedicated machine and that's just how it'll have to be.

I hope your weekend was more fun than mine! There's nothing more frustrating than computer problems.

I'll show you what I've been working on next time! So many new skills to learn! I can't wait to show you!  And I expect I'll get more done now that I'm not spending all my time on Facebook, too. :)

- Wendy

P.S. Here's the answer to the brain teaser. Did you get it? :)