Saturday, September 24, 2016

Busy, Busy, BUSY!!! Just a quick update.

I did another brain teaser for work. The answer will be at the bottom, and I have to warn you - this is a tough one. :)

David and I are both spending all of our time either at work, or working on this new business venture. It's going pretty well, I think. The webpage is nearly all sorted, and we're about ready to go!

One of the things I'm most excited about is that we'll be carrying Stewart Dollhouse Creations (this is a picture of her "Checkerboard Cake Kit". I LOVE Ruth Stewart's stuff, and I am just tickled that she's letting us carry her stuff on our little website!

Mostly I am fascinated with her molds, and I plan to do some tutorials and maybe even a couple kits of my own incorporating them.

But I am really excited to get to learn to do checkerboard cakes. They look amazing. 

We will also be carrying Dragonfly International stuff for similar reasons. I LOVE their little boxes and gift bag sheets! So much potential.

While we really want to focus on selling the minis that WE make, there are lots of nifty things out there that accessorize and compliment the things we make, so we are really thrilled to get to incorporate the work of these two artists into our site! :)

Once my life isn't constantly working on the website and working at work maybe I can get back to making stuff! I miss it. I'm so excited to get things going. I got my workspace all organized and I'm ready to CREATE!

My crafty room! Please pardon the dust! It's always a work in process.

Also, that big tank in the lower right of the picture is home to my pet turtle, Princess Kiwi.

I think she likes having me hanging around her tank all the time. I guess she likes the company. :)

Anyway, that's all the update I have right now. More excitement when I can get started making things. I am so excited to show you my newest mini makings... but not yet. :)

Here's the answer to the brain teaser. Did you get it?

 I will tell you that I most definitely did NOT.

But the cupcakes were mighty tasty. :)

Have a great weekend!

- Wendy

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another Brain Teaser & Back to Making Minis

Another Tuesday has come and gone, so I did another brain teaser for work. Check it out.

The solution will be at the bottom of this post, for those of you playing along at home. :)

A box full of potential showed up at my house from A Child's Dream.

Could not be happier! It's full of wonderful wool felt and cotton pipecleaners and everything I need to make some of Salley Mavor's little Felt Wee Folk! I can't wait!

But I'm going to have to, because something ELSE exciting happened too!

My beloved, David, and I have decided to open up our own little webshop to sell our miniatures. You can find us here -  I am so excited.

There's nothing on the site yet, but we've got a bunch of stuff to add. We're hoping to go live with the site (with actual items and stuff) on Halloween.

The plan is that mostly it will be stuff we make. We'll still carry some mass produced stuff, but only things that we a) like and b) think accent or enhance the things we make.

Like baskets for my crochet sets.

 And plates and baking sheets for my cookies and that kind of thing.

I guess I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from miniatures and crafty things for TOO long. I miss the Rocky Mountain Eyerises (and I'm working on some new creepy plants to go with them). It feels really good to be back to creating and feeling inspired.

Funny what a little thing like a website can do. :)

Here's the answer to that brain teaser.

Did you get it?

The brain teaser for next week is hard. At least _I_ think it's really hard. I'll be curious to see how it goes. And I'll let you know too!

Anyway, that's the update from Midnight. Hope your week was exciting and full of wonderful things too!

- Wendy

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Space Bugs and Pipe Cleaner Dolls! Oh my!

Work has been keeping me busy, in the most wonderful of ways.

Instead of caterpillars, I ended up making Space Bugs for our "Brain Teaser Tuesday" post a couple days ago. This is the brain teaser -

I'll post the solution at the very bottom of this entry, just in case you want to tease your brain. :)

I am dying to get started on the Salley Mavor books and making Felt Wee Folk, but I haven't had time yet.

Last night, however, I was feeling SO crafty I just had to make SOMETHING! I had the pipe cleaners out, and so these two happened.

They aren't as elegant or beautiful as Salley's dolls, but they do make me smile. And I went to bed feeling like I'd done something creative. :)

Have you ever felt that way? Too tired or just without enough time to make something elaborate and amazing, but you still wanted to create something?

Well, if you've got that feeling and pipe cleaners and some beads, go here - Easy Pipe Cleaner Dolls. It worked for me. :)

So what do YOU work on when you feel that way?

I have some crafty supplies for the Felt Wee Folk coming from A Child's Dream and I can't wait. Hopefully I'll have some super cute (slightly more detailed) pipe cleaner dolls to show you soon!

And I'm working on books again. I can't stand it. I found these great vintage titles and I just can't seem to let book making go. So we'll see where that goes, but I definitely need more in my library. 

Anyway... hope you're having a wonderful day out there in blogland! And here's the answer to that Brain Teaser...

Did you get it right? :)

Bye for now!

- Wendy

P.S. I haven't forgotten about Thurber and his Thursdays - I've lost him. I have no idea where that cat wandered off this time! Darn cat! But I'm sure he'll be back. Hopefully around a Thursday. :)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Just A Quick Update - I Am Still Here...

Just a quick update to say "I am still here!" Just busy, with new and exciting things!

I got the coolest most awesomest job in the world, and that has been keeping me busy. I am now a Cluemaster at "Epic Escape Game" and I LOVE it.

So instead of taking pictures of miniatures, I'm taking pictures of things like this for our Facebook page.

If you're in Colorado, you should definitely come check us out.   And if you're not in Colorado, you should see if there's an escape room place where you are because they're AMAZING! So fun!

I haven't done anything crafty in a while (that wasn't related to Brain Teaser Tuesday... but you'll have to wait until Tuesday to see what I've been working on for that).

I made Petitplat Caterpillars (these aren't mine. This is a still from her tutorial video, which you should check out - Polymer Clay Caterpillars)

I made a handful of them, and with each one realized something different I should do to make them better. I'll have pictures of the next batch once they're done. :)

(And if YOU decide to make caterpillars from her tutorial and you'd like to trade, email me at wendy at and we'll work something out! I would love to trade caterpillars!)

 But that's not the really exciting news.  In really exciting news, I might have accidentally ordered some new books -

Sew Dolled Up by Boutique Sha
How to Sew Little Felt Animals by Sue Quinn


If you have had any experience with any of these books, I would love to hear it! I'm anxious to give these little dollies a try. I've not really worked with felt before, but I've thought all of these were super cute for a while now. It's time to try new craftiness!!! 

There will probably always be dolls in my life, but this time, it seems like they might be made of things other than resin. :) 

So, there's a little update. Pictures of the things I'm working on as I get things done and presentable. Wish me luck with the books! And thanks for hanging around and reading my ramblings. I'm not 100% sure of where my path is leading right now, but there will always be crafty things in it.

It's always Midnight somewhere...

- Wendy