Tuesday, July 26, 2016

And Then There Were Three...

Miranda will not be going up on eBay. Odds are pretty good she's just going in a box for a while and we'll see what happens. I got some very strange emails regarding her sale, and I have neither time nor inclination to deal with such things.

So into a box she goes.

I'm done with dollhouse sized BJDs, but there are still BJDs here.  Just bigger ones, and not many of them...

L - R: Cybelle (Dream of Doll Shall,
Lenore (Souldoll Tiffee), Ahma (Ginger Brook Hollow Grandma Sunday)

There are just these three. None of them are getting a Facebook account. None of them is getting their own blog. They might not even get their pictures taken all that often, but they make me happy, just being around.

Lenore was the start of this entire doll thing. Literally, THE doll that started it all. As it turns out, she was an influence on a LOT of people, and many folks got into BJDs after seeing her on Elisa's blog all those years ago. I had no idea until all this weirdness surrounding Miranda started.

Anyway, through strange circumstances, she somehow rode into my life. And for all the weirdness that she brought with her, I am glad she did.

So yeah... that's the update. No more tiny BJDs, but they won't be going up on eBay. I will probably always make some miniatures. And who knows what else I'll get up to?

Hope your weekend was less weird than mine. Who would've though putting a dolly up on eBay would be so drama inducing?

Onward we go...

- Wendy

Saturday, July 23, 2016

eBay! eBay! eBay!

Lots of cool stuff is going up on eBay this weekend!

Gotz Little Sister "Katie"

1950s, Blue Slag Glass miniatures, marked JAPAN

Perfect Tent for Tiny BJD Camping Trips!

I've gone a different direction with my book construction (BETTER!), so the old books are all up on eBay too.

Lot #3 of Books

Lot #4 of Books

Lot #5 of Books

Also going up on eBay - Miranda herself (that auction will include her blog, her domain name, EVERYTHING Miranda. I'm hoping someone else will take her and blog with her, but honestly, if they put her on a shelf and look at her, that's up to them. Either way, it's time for me to let her go.)

My eBay is here - http://www.ebay.com/usr/midnightinthedollhouse

Keep checking for miniatures stuff you didn't even know you needed! Lots and lots of stuff needs new homes! :)

Hope your weekend is productive and awesome too. :)

- Wendy

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day at the Museum

At Norm's Dollhouse, my local dollhouse shop, there is a 1:12 scale art gallery called the Silver Crane.

It was an honor to help build it. A customer of Norm's got actual artists to donate works to fill the museum. Most of them had never worked in such a tiny scale, but I think they all had fun and the art is amazing.

It's for sale now (just the building, not the art) so I figured if I was going to play with my action figure statues there, I'd better do it soon. So I went today.

To be honest...

I think they fit right in...

With all the other pieces of art.

But... what will they do now that the Silver Crane is closing its doors for good?

I guess we'll see!

- Wendy

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thurber Thursday - A Cat Walks Into a Bar

Thurber is hanging out in the bar today. There should be bottles where he's laying, but I haven't found the right ones yet. Soon, though!

- Wendy

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Tiny Librarian for a Tiny LIbrary

The new Wylde Kingdom tiny library, needed a librarian.

I think we may have found one!

Hello there!


Yeah... I think he's going to work out just fine.

Even if I do need to see about getting him some pants.


"Ahem. Nothing to see here. Move along.  "

My "David" action figure finally arrived! Just yesterday! He's been on pre-order since NOVEMBER!  I've never done much with action figures, but these three are intriguing to me.

Expect to see more of them, here on the blog. (Well, after the boys get some fig leaves or something, and Venus gets some arms.) :)

- Wendy

Saturday, July 9, 2016

On a Bit of a Bunny Kick

 I've been on a bit of a bunny kick lately.

 Mostly, I think because there have been a bunch of them (real ones) in my yard and hanging around my garden.

So I made a bunch of bunny books for my library and book store. I love all of these and they ALL needed to come live in my book store and Etsy shop.

 Apparently we are filling up the "children's" section of the library and book store, because the next books I have in mind are all kids books too.

Including the entire 23 book set of Beatrix Potter's "Peter Rabbit Library". I started with The Tale of Peter Rabbit, of course. :)

What book store doesn't need some Beatrix Potter?

- Wendy

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thurber Thursday!

This is Thurber.

This Thursday, he is hanging around the library office. He might be checking out the old posters the librarian found for her library.

Who knows? He's a cat. No one ever really knows what they're doing. 

- Wendy

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Tiny Little Library

It's been a while since this super cool, three room, room-box came to live with me.

I didn't do much with it. Honestly, I didn't need a general store (which is what the bottom originally was) though I thought the bar was really cool.

I finally started playing with it, and I think it's starting to come together.

Only four years later - no use rushing into things, I guess. :)

The very top floor is still a bar, though I need to get some pretty liquor bottles for it.

The middle floor has become the office for the librarian. Yeah... a librarian, because...

The bottom floor has turned into a library!

I think the way I'm going to do this is that the "vintage" books that I make/have will all live in the library (and have little library labels on the spines). And all the new books will go live in C&M (my used book and coffee shop).

I am addicted to making books. Which is good, since I'm going to need a LOT of them to fill both places.

But I think it's going to be totally worth it. Maybe a comfy chair for reading and a battery lamp (the room boxes aren't wired).

And then, should I have a sudden shrinking accident, I will have a spiffy place to hang out and read!

Sounds like a plan to me!  :)

- Wendy

Friday, July 1, 2016

Go Small or Go Home!

I had a really important realization the other night:  My books may be just a little too big.

Well, the 1:12 scale ones I've been making are.  They measure about 1" tall, which would be 1 foot in the real world. And that's a pretty big book.

That size works really well for the BJDs...

But not so great for the actual dollhouse dolls. So....

I shrunk down my books to another, slightly smaller size.

They are a little trickier to make, just because anything is harder to make smaller.  But I think they look amazing!

But I don't want to get rid of the BJD sized 1:12 scale books either.

So I'll just have to make three sizes.

I'm excited to add a second size to C&M Books and Coffee too. Books come in different sizes, and in a used book store, I think there should be a couple different sizes at least.

So that was my big realization. I need to make a LOT more books, in a much smaller size.

Because dolls of all sizes need good reading material!

- Wendy