Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Books! Books! Books! Books in an Etsy Shop!

Some of you probably remember C&M Books and Coffee, my little 1:12 scale used book store, from the other blog.

It really was a pretty grand, Grand Opening.

One thing about having a book store is that you need a LOT of books!

And helpful, tiny employees to get them on the shelves.

So I started making tiny books.

Lots, and lots of tiny books.

And now, they're everywhere. I realized I wanted to trade out my stock sometimes too, so I was always going to need new titles as well. So... when I realized books would be coming and going, I thought maybe other folks would like some of these titles too.

And so, "Midnight in the Dollhouse" got an Etsy store!


So far, all that's there are my books, but there will be more things I think in the future. And the books come in two different sizes, for all kinds of dollies.

Top Shelf: 1:12 scale, Second Shelf: 1:10 or Hitty(ish) scale
While I needed dollhouse size (1:12) books for my shop, I have friends with LittleFees and Hittys and other dolls that need just slightly larger books.

Like Rose here, who just got her copy of "The Little Prince" in the mail.

So many thanks to Charity for sending me this picture. Thank you!!!

And Rose shares her books too, because reading with her friend, Stormy, is always nice.

"And that is how I made the acquaintance of the little prince..."

Twig and Fern are enjoying the books too. I predict there will be a lot of reading and coloring going on in Charity's Enchanted Cottage for a while. :)

So... there are more titles coming out as quickly as I can make them. There will be a new title every Saturday for the month of April (and then some depending on how many titles I come up with).  

And maybe some other surprises too.

If your dollies are in need of some reading material, you might want to check out the Etsy store. And, you might want to have a few books on hand for you too, just in case you have a sudden shrinking accident.You never know. :)

- Wendy

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

So Much For That...

Well... as usual, life got in the way and I fell waaaay behind on my photo project. So here are the last few I took.

#5 - Square. Granny square!

#6 - Neutrals. Beige colored bear on a beige colored afghan. Also... the bear is Swiss? I dunno, I had a hard time coming up with something "neutrals".

#7 - Hello! Well, that's what she seems to be saying. Or maybe "good luck", since this was day 7 and I was already falling behind on this project!

#8 - Making. Slow day at the Green Elephant, apparently. :)

#9 - Everyday. Well, yeah. Coffee. Every. Day. Absolutely.

And that's the end of that. On to other exciting things that I'll tell you about next time! :)

- Wendy

Friday, March 4, 2016

March Photo Project: Week One (1 - 4)

Week one of this photo project thing. Pictures 1 - 4.

#1 - Green. This is the green elephant that started The Green Elephant a million years ago.

#2 - Good. Coffee = good. Always. Even in miniature.

#3 - Art. The cue for today was "art" but it's also Hinamatsuri, so I thought I'd dust off these gorgeous little figures. They are definitely art to me.

These are the three court ladies of a Hinamatsuri display. If you'd like to know more about the holiday and the dolls, here's the Wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hinamatsuri

Ah, the strange things that wander through the Green Elephant.

#4 - The Weather.  Looks a bit like rain...

Next Friday (the  11th) I'll post pictures 5 - 11! Here we go! 

- Wendy

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Photo Project for March & Love Stinks

A friend of mine on Facebook posted this the other say, and I thought it was an interesting idea.

I am notoriously bad about keeping up with photo projects, but I guess hope springs eternal.

My plan is to post the pictures each day on the Midnight in the Dollhouse Facebook page, and then I'll post a blog entry here once a week with that week's pictures.

That's the plan. But my plans rarely go according to my wishes, so I guess we'll see.

Speaking of failed plans...

Love stinks. My relationship of nearly 5 years has ended. I am again a single Wendy, which is fine I guess. I just don't quite know what to do with myself (thus taking on a photo project. It's something, right?)

I don't know what will come of all this. I have about had my fill of a life of constant upheaval. So for now, back to miniatures and the peace of calm, quiet, gentle tiny things.

I love miniatures.

- Wendy