Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Katie's House: Real Good Toys Newport

There is a new project here at Midnight in the Dollhouse. A new house has moved into my home, but this time, it isn't for me!

This is my friend Katie's Newport!

It came in to Norm's Dollhouse from a young lady who'd built it with her family as a child. She was moving out of the country and couldn't store it anymore, so she wanted Norm's to find a new home for it. 

And they did! Katie's home! Well... eventually. 

We had it delivered to my house because I've got the room to work on it, so we'll be doing some finishing work at it here in the Wylde Kingdom, and then it'll go live at Katie's house when it's finished.

It'll be the perfect home for her dollhouse family, the Clark's. 

There are some rooms that she wanted changed entirely (like this one).

But it's in really good shape and with a little bit of finishing and TLC I think it can be an awesome dollhouse for Katie! 

Right now, she has some planning to do and things to daydream about.

 So I thought I'd post the pictures so she could think about each room.

It really does have the potential to be amazing, though. 

Hopefully I'm not in trouble for posting these. And hopefully there will be a bunch of updates here as we get to work on it!

Step 1: map out the wiring (which works! Yaay!) and tear out that teddy bear wallpaper from the room with the light blue carpet. And then.... we'll just have to see! 

Wish us luck! I think this is going to be a lot of fun!

- Wendy