Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Furniture Dilemma

So, I have hit my first dilemma with the 70s House: it's a weird scale (I think it's 3/4) so none of my existing furniture fits it and I don't know how best to create 70s furnishings that will be just right for this house.

I have three patterns on hand that I think might work.

Plastic Canvas Dollhouse Furniture, by Babara Ann Fisher

I have to tell you. I have never seen a better candidate for plastic canvas furniture than this little house. And would that not be VERY 70s furniture in a nice burnt orange or avocado green? 

Contemporary Living, by Helen Ruthberg.

It's just one room, but what a room it is! My parents had a sectional not dissimilar to this, and with the right fabric... hmm...

McCall's 6889 - sewn, stuffed, dollhouse furniture (and house, actually).

I have been curious about this pattern since a customer brought in her half finished couch made with it. The furniture seems to come out comfy (important to me for some reason). And again, with the right fabric, it could be pretty 70s I think.

And thus, my dilemma. I don't know where to start! Or which pattern to start with!

I have no existing furniture that fits the house, except this beautiful handmade trunk which I got from I have no idea where.

And I think this armoire/wardrobe works too.

And that's it. Out of boxes of furniture, I have two pieces. Well, so far. Maybe this weekend I just need to go through it all and see if anything else fits. But I KNOW I a) have nothing "retro" enough for this house and b) don't have anything at all that's 3/4 scale.

At least the bathroom is all fitted out, though I might need to find a way to bury that pipe under the sink, so it's not leaning out like that. Otherwise, the room just needs some little things like a bath mat, and maybe a rubber ducky.

And I should probably crochet a toilet seat cover. :)

OH! Speaking of crochet. No matter WHAT furniture I end up putting in it, it is DEFINITELY going to need a granny square afghan.

What a project. What a dilemma. Though, if your biggest dilemma is "How do I furnish my super groovy 70s dollhouse?" that's pretty awesome.

I hope your week is awesome too. More updates soon! I missed this. :)

- Wendy

Friday, May 8, 2015

That 70s House: Part 1 (and also, back to blogging)

It's been awhile. I thought I was done blogging. I thought I was done with miniatures (yes, miniatures are my job. I meant at home, as a hobby).

But I was wrong. And I realized I was wrong when I was followed home by a very odd little house.

This is the front.
I will be the first to admit...

Left side (where you plug in the house)
 ... on first glance...

Right side, which is lovely paper brick. really doesn't look like much.

View from the back.
My original thought was to tear everything out and start over. Fix it up and make it all nice and modern, then maybe find it a new home. But the more I handled the little house, the more charmed I was with it.

The wiring.
The little house has overhead lights in every room. All round wire, which I've never really dealt with before. This house is from sometime in the 70s, so we're talking about 40+ year old wiring.

On/Off switch and plug.
With an on/off switch hidden under the roof eaves and a plug. Like an outlet. Which was a little weird. But David set up a wire and we tried it and...

They all worked!!!! That is some awesome wiring to have lasted this long! Very impressive.

Hanging Lace Light Fixture
The light fixtures are all very unique and VERY 70s. And the more I looked at the little house the more I realized this project was not a refurbish, it was a restore and that... this little house was going to be staying with me for awhile. The nostalgia it brings up... it reminds me of my first dollhouse, back in the 70s. And I think I'd like to dwell in those memories for just a bit.

You really do have to see some of these details, though. I'll give you a tour once I've gotten things dusted and arranged a bit. Next I have to start making furniture. I have a plan, which I will tell you about later.

For now... here's a blog entry. It's been awhile. And you know what? I think I missed it. :)

- Wendy