Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Katie's House: Real Good Toys Newport

There is a new project here at Midnight in the Dollhouse. A new house has moved into my home, but this time, it isn't for me!

This is my friend Katie's Newport!

It came in to Norm's Dollhouse from a young lady who'd built it with her family as a child. She was moving out of the country and couldn't store it anymore, so she wanted Norm's to find a new home for it. 

And they did! Katie's home! Well... eventually. 

We had it delivered to my house because I've got the room to work on it, so we'll be doing some finishing work at it here in the Wylde Kingdom, and then it'll go live at Katie's house when it's finished.

It'll be the perfect home for her dollhouse family, the Clark's. 

There are some rooms that she wanted changed entirely (like this one).

But it's in really good shape and with a little bit of finishing and TLC I think it can be an awesome dollhouse for Katie! 

Right now, she has some planning to do and things to daydream about.

 So I thought I'd post the pictures so she could think about each room.

It really does have the potential to be amazing, though. 

Hopefully I'm not in trouble for posting these. And hopefully there will be a bunch of updates here as we get to work on it!

Step 1: map out the wiring (which works! Yaay!) and tear out that teddy bear wallpaper from the room with the light blue carpet. And then.... we'll just have to see! 

Wish us luck! I think this is going to be a lot of fun!

- Wendy

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween and What's Been Going On

 Wow... Halloween already.

 It's been so warm here (in Colorado) it hasn't felt much like Halloween. Which is why these are old pictures: I just haven't been able to get into the Halloween spirit. 

I'll just save up my enthusiasm for Christmas then. :)

 Anyway, some big changes for me, both personally and for my business, Midnight in the Dollhouse.

My beautiful furbaby, Shadow, was diagnosed with cancer and a week after diagnosis he was in so much pain, I had to let him go.

"Devastating" doesn't even begin to cover it.

My dogs were like children to me, and now they're both gone. I am so lucky to have gotten to spend the time with them I had. They were amazing little companions. I loved my life with them, but if I can't have that anymore, then I will just have to find a way to love my life without them.

So, yeah...

And then, in business news: we are no longer selling our items through our local dollhouse store. I am developing an online Midnight in the Dollhouse store which I'll show you in mid November. I'm also planning on doing some local shows. From there, we'll just have to see.

I have been making 1:12 scale books like a crazy person. I think I'm addicted. These are just the first three.

They are actual books in 1:12 scale. They are printed throughout, because if you have a sudden shrinking accident, you're probably going to want something to read. Right?  :)

 I'm very proud of them and I think they'd make a great addition to any miniature scene.

 So that's all the news from Midnight in the Dollhouse.

I hope your Halloween is wonderful in whatever scale it may be. :) And here's hoping there are wonderful things to come in November.

- Wendy

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Meeting the Pepperwood Farm

I can't tell you the first time I saw the plans for the Pepperwood Farm, but it was the day I started daydreaming about this house.

It's a plan book house, and not available as a kit or anything. I didn't have any way to cut huge pieces of 1/2" plywood (HALF INCH! More about that later), and I never dreamed I'd have one.

David and I have worked on a couple of them at the store, each in worse shape than the last. It just made me want one of these houses even more. To do it up right and make it awesome like I thought it could be.

And then... one found me.

One thing about these houses is you tend to see them a) started, but not finished and b) very, very poorly constructed. I don't know if plan houses just turn out to be harder than people think, but most are really not very good.

But this one... oh wow did they do a great job putting this together.  The shell is the foundation for the whole rest of the house, so it's important that it's good and it's good materials.

And they did great by this house. The plan book calls for 1/2" plywood, so it is HEAVY and this is a monster house, but it's put together very well, and it is solid.

So, what was it about the Pepperwood Farm that made me daydream about you, you might wonder. Well, I'll tell you. It is a rather unusual house.

The Pepperwood Farm is a completely enclosed house. It's hinged on both sides and the top.

Which means it's closer to a real house than most dollhouses (since either the back or front is always open on those houses. And unlike your standard front opener, there are windows in all four walls).

I imagine it's less drafty for the dolls that live in it as well.

This house has some awesome modifications to it, two of which you can see in this picture. They cut a back door (necessary, but not called for in the plan book) and on the left, that's supposed to just be sloping roof and instead they made a deck! Right off the master bedroom. Very cool.

So I guess the attraction of this house was, I always figured that if I had a sudden shrinking accident (you never know. It could happen.) THIS is the house I would want to live in. Enclosed, and safe, like a real house.

And another modification they made, not called for in the plan book, was stairs to the 3rd floor. This is a "thing" for me. I can't have a house that doesn't have stairs to all the floors (if that aforementioned shrinking accident happens, how will I get to the attic?). So it's like this one was made for me.

I certainly love it as if it was.

I have big plans for this house. I know exactly the pixies who will be moving in, and what their story is (and if you're interested in that kind of thing, the doll/pixie stories are over on http://www.mirandawandering.com ) But before they can move in, there is a lot of work to do.

I can't wait to get started.

Welcome to the Wylde Kingdom, my dream Pepperwood Farm House. I love you already. :) 

- Wendy

Monday, September 14, 2015

Some Thoughts After the Fall Show

It's done.

After all the preparing and fretting and wondering, the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys annual Fall Show is finished for 2015.

It was amazing. It was a great show. Great people, great events, just all around great!

The Midnight in the Dollhouse products we brought, like our books...

and our puppets were a huge hit!

People were very interested in our trees, though we didn't sell any.

We put our stuff out on the Norm's Dollhouse table, which is the shop through which sell our stuff.

And this leads to some of my contemplation.

It was suggested to me, by a member of the Norm's staff, that maybe I should think about doing the "Little Show" in February with my own table, not Norm's.

I've always put my stuff with the Norm's stuff before. I thought it worked out pretty well for everyone involved.

I think my crafty stuff and the items made by the Nielsen family all go together pretty well.

But maybe it's time to branch out on my own a little. I'm thinking that I could get my own table for the February "Little Show", premier a bunch of Midnight in the Dollhouse stuff, and then have it all for sale through Norm's.

So maybe still mutually beneficial, but stretching out my skills a little bit.

It's a lot to think about, but I am drawn to it.

Maybe it's time for a little more Midnight in the Dollhouse in the world. :)

Wish me luck. February isn't so far away, really. Any opinions or advice? I would love to hear it!

- Wendy

Monday, August 24, 2015

Meeting the Vintage FAO Schwarz House

  The other thing this blog is for, is to be a place for my pictures of miniatures with no dolls in them.

So, this post is a bunch of pictures of a dollhouse with no dolls.

 Or furniture, for that matter.

Maybe not super exciting, but if you think of these as "before" pictures, then maybe the potential for what this house may become is a little more interesting.

Dunno. But these are my reference pictures of this new house that just wandered into the Wylde Kingdom today.

I picked it up this morning from Norm's Dollhouse.

David told me a nice lady came in Saturday with it, asking if he could find a good home for it.

She was the first and only owner of the house. She's had it since she got it in 1968. But for some reason was unable to keep it any longer.

David said he thought he could probably find it a home and immediately thought of me.

I love it. It's a unique little house, for sure.

I've seen pictures of an original one of these houses and I believe she's repainted and re-done the wallpaper.

Which makes me feel better about considering re-doing the wallpaper again, myself.

It is a neat house, but I really think with just a little bit of work, it could be an AMAZING house.

So these will be my reference pictures while I'm working on it.

Because I am stupid, and got rid of all of my extra miniatures (I don't really want to talk about it, but let's just say, don't EVER give up your world just because someone else promises they can make the real world worthwhile for you. Don't give up your world for anyone or anything. And if I ever find a time machine, I will be going back and telling myself that a couple years ago.) I need EVERYTHING for this house.

I have exactly 2 brass beds that could go in this house, and that's it.

I can't even tell you how depressing that is. But I'm trying to look on the bright side.

This way, I can buy all the furniture for each room that I like, and THEN find the wallpaper to match the furniture.

I think it's a lot easier that way. I guess we'll see.

It might take me a while to get all the furniture, though. (I am one poor miniaturist. Lucky I like Ramen.)

So I have a while to work on it, I guess. I wouldn't TOUCH the floors. I think they're beautiful.

And the electrical is kind of a magic trick (as in I have no idea how that happened, but it's cool), so if I want anything other than the overhead lights it came with, they'll have to be battery lights.

But that's okay. The electrical still WORKS! And that is AWESOME.

So, a little at a time, I guess.

First step might actually be the windows. They're all missing. But I can rebuild them and make them super spiffy.

I am so burned out on this miniatures show, playing with this house (even without furniture or dolls) was a very welcome respite.

So, enough of my babbling. I'll post the last few pictures without commentary.

More to come for this nifty little house! Hopefully sooner than later! :)

- Wendy

P.S. If you happen to know anything about this house or its history, I would love to hear it! All I know is it came from FAO Schwarz in 1968 and it's awesome. Any other information? Let me know in the comments or email me at wendy at normsdollhouse dot com!