Friday, March 24, 2017

The Joseph Angel Dollhouse Follows Me Home

My local dollhouse shop, Norm's Dollhouse , where I have spent so much time and money, closed forever on 3/15/17.

Wightwick Manor, the house in the center of the whole thing, moved out on 3/20/17.

And that was that... or so I thought.

So, this is a Joseph Angel dollhouse finished in Purple (picture found on the internet).

And this is one finished for a Norm's Dollhouse customer ages ago. (Scanned from an old photo)
And here is the one in my HOUSE!!!

Midnight in the Dollhouse indeed!

David's dad, Norm Nielsen himself, finished the exterior of this house, and it sat in the shop window of Norm's Dollhouse for years. So it shouldn't mind sitting in MY window, I shouldn't think.

Hopefully, after not too much longer, it will have some lovely irises out front to keep it company.

David and I have talked about finishing the inside of this for YEARS and now... we can. It's empty, but full of potential.

I can't wait to get started. But step one is repairing the exterior. Sitting in a window, in full afternoon sun for years and years, has let the glue dry out and so some things need to be re-glued and that kind of thing.

And then, I can start thinking about the interior.

Of course, there's still the FAO Schwartz house. It's been here, neglected, for about a year and a half and it could use some love.

Since it's no longer in it's original state (it's been painted and re-wallpapered) I'm planning a lot of changes for it. I think it's going to be amazing. So much potential in one tiny little house.

There's another house here too. A different kind of project. But I'll have to show you that one a bit later.

For now, off to the "real" job that I love and that supports my dollhouse hobby.

Wish me luck with all these houses! So many tiny rooms... so little time. :)

- Wendy


  1. You're so lucky to have such wonderful projects to work on! What fun!
    Lori K.
    P.S. I wanna buy one of those Eye plants from your Websters. When will they be on there for purchase?

    1. Thanks, Lori! I'm pretty psyched about all of them (and there's ANOTHER one I haven't even shown you yet. I just got the gesso to start that one today!)

      The Rocky Mountain Eyerises are getting a complete rework (I found eyes I think will be better) so it might be a little bit, but I will definitely keep you posted!) :)

  2. Let the GOOD TIMES roll! You are going to have LOADS of fun filling up this house and for a LONG TIME.... Congratulations!!! :D


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! It's one I've looked at and wanted for a long, long time. And that it has a tie in with David's father (who is no longer with us) makes it even more special. I hope I can do it justice.

      I have a feeling this might be one of those houses that takes my entire life to finish. I guess we'll see!!! :)

  3. How wonderful. Dollhouses are the best. A doll is no fun unless it has stuff, so most of my dolls have houses. I know you'll enjoy this one!

    1. I think I will too, Happy! It's true, about dolls and stuff. The tiny BJDs are why I got into miniatures in the first place (Miranda wanted a house, and she dragged my father into making her one). So it's funny now to play with the houses without the dolls. It changes the nature of a house not to have dolls in it. I never understood people telling me they wouldn't put dolls in their houses until just recently, but now I get it.

      There will be dolls in the houses again someday. But for now, I'm kind of enjoying the quiet. :)

  4. The Joseph Angel is an awesome house!
    Congratulations. You will finish it beautifully I am sure.
    Great to see you posting again.

    1. Thanks, Sam! It's going to be quite a project, that's for sure. First... I have a different project to start/finish before I can even begin the Joseph Angel (though David and I are starting to plan a bit. Very exciting!)

      And thanks, it's nice to be posting again. I got busy and forgot to share stuff. But now... houses everywhere to post about!!! LOL!

  5. Wow! What an amazing piece of "real estate"! The Joseph Angel House has some fabulous features! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    1. Thanks, Daydreamer! I'm excited. A little bit intimidated, because it IS an amazing house. Maybe a little practice on the FAO Schwartz house and this other monster house I have and THEN I'll work up to the Joseph Angel.

      I have a lot of planning to do too.

      But mostly, I just keep staring at it and gently laying my hands on the roof... to make sure it really is real and in my house. :)