Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Farewell to Wightwick Manor - And I Couldn't Be Happier

I know, that title must sound weird, since the last time I wrote about the Manor, it was that I was completely gutted that it was leaving.

But then I got to meet the new owner. :)

I didn't expect to have anything to do with moving Wightwick. I had said my goodbyes and I thought that was that.

But then, David got hurt while taking apart some of the old store fixtures.

When he called, I hadn't realized I would be helping remove Wightwick (I thought I was just whisking him off to urgent care) so these photos are just from my cell phone. Sorry for the quality.)

The Manor comes apart into 5 separate pieces, for ease of moving. All of Grandpa Nielsen's big houses do.

We loaded it into a trailer they had brought with them. David felt the easiest way to move the Manor was to take it apart, then reassemble it in the trailer. So that's what we did.

And then the Manor was gone.

I thought I would've cried my eyes out, but when I met the knew owner, I knew that I couldn't have hand picked a better home for the Manor. She's WONDERFUL! And she just sounds so smitten with the house, and getting it all fixed up. I know that Wightwick is in good hands, and that makes me feel so much better.

I hope it makes you, those who were worried about the Manor with me, feel a little better too.

To my surprise, though, a huge house DID follow me home from Norm's.

This is the Joseph Angel, and I'll have to tell you all about it in another entry. :)

Hope your weekend was amazing too! More blogging soon! 

- Wendy

(P.S.  Many thanks to Lori, the Manor adopter, for letting me take pictures while the Manor was disassembled and moved. And if you ARE reading this, just know that I really am so glad the Manor found a home with you. Have fun with Wightwick! And thank you for giving it a great home!)


  1. You had me so excited there for a moment: I'm a "Lori"! Did I have a memory lapse and I'm getting Warwick?!?!?!? LOL
    Hope the real owner Lori enjoys her new dollhouse: it is amazing!

    1. LOL! Different Lori, though I'm sure you would have given it a good home too. :)

  2. Oh Wendy...I am beyond honored and excited to be the next caretaker of this marvelous dollhouse! It will ALWAYS be available for a visit from it's most enthusiastic fan! Something as grand and awesome as Wightwick should be shared and not hidden away. Thanks so much for the kind words!

    1. Yaay!!! You are a dollhouse rescuer for sure, Lori. I am so tickled that the Manor went home with you. I can't wait to hear how it goes and what you do with it! (And you are so sweet. I'll let you settle in with it before I start pestering you for a visit, but I just might take you up on that!) You rock. Thank you again. And thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. I LUV a story with a happy ending! :D
    a New Beginning for an old Friend.


    1. I agree, Elizabeth. So happy. I'm glad it makes you happy too. :)