Thursday, March 2, 2017

Books, Books, Books!!!

The "Little Show" went GREAT! A good time was had by all, and we learned a lot about how to present David & Wendy's Dollhouse at the NEXT show.

And that we might need more than 8' of table for the show coming up in September. Who knew?

But, lately my life has all been tiny books. Books! Books! Books! And another project that I will have to tell you about a little later...

The books are going GREAT! I am so excited to have gotten together a collection of W.W. Denslow's books. They are so cute and the illustrations are so fun.

Like this one, and illustration from Denslow's "Simple Simon".

I'm pretty sure he was unsuccessful in catching a whale, but I guess I'll have to read the book to know for sure. :)

I'm also about to have "The Little Prince" done. I used to do it as an accordion fold book, but the bulky, double pages of the accordion fold limit how many pages you can have. By a lot. So it was an abridged version. Still cute, but not the full book.

But now that I'm doing them double printed (thanks to some wrestling with my computer and printer and lots of swearing) I can do the full book! I am so excited.

Ever since I was a little Wendy, I have been hung up on "What would happen if I had to live in my dollhouse?" (I blame the amazing children's book "Among the Dolls, which apparently left quite an impression my 8 year old mind.)

So now I make REAL books.

And I guess if I ever DO have a sudden shrinking accident, like the little girl in "Among the Dolls", I'll have reading material, at least. :)

What's the most realistic thing YOU have in one of your houses? Something that, if YOU had a sudden shrinking accident, you would be glad was there for you? Let me know in the comments! 

- Wendy


  1. Wonderful little books, Wendy!!! I am still wrestling with the printed on two sides thing....! Someday I will get it all sorted out! I'm really glad the Fair went so well for you! As for the "most real" thing.... I insist that my houses have stairs and all the doors have to work! Even my 1/4 scale Tree House has stairs and all the doors work... I am still not done building it...! What a seriously challenging idea.... I doubt many of the buildings out there have real plumbing! LOL!

    1. Hey Daydreamer! Thank you! I have a love/hate thing with double sided printing. On one hand I LOVE these books, and I love that they're REAL books. But oh man, getting my printer to do it was a bear. And it's different on every. single. printer. So my little printer better last forever, now that we have it worked out. :)

      I'm with you on the stairs and doors thing. There's a scene in a book called "Big Susan" (which if you haven't read, I highly recommend. One of my favorite dollhouse books) where the dolls are climbing around the back of the house to get to the second floor of the addition with no door to it. It stayed with me, I guess. Stairs and doors are important!

      The only dollhouse I know of that had real plumbing was the Colleen Moore dollhouse, and they just had to do a huge refurbish of it because the pipes were leaking (not bad for miniature plumbing from the 30s!) :)

      I had a Barbie dollhouse that I tried hooking up with running water when I was a kid. It ended... badly. :)

      If you decide to put in plumbing, though, let me know! I want to see! If anyone could pull it off, it's you! :)

  2. Hi Wendy. Great to hear that the show went well.
    Your little books are beautiful.
    Hmmm, the most realistic thing I have in miniature.....well seeing that I have not even FINISHED a dollhouse (apart from the realtor's office) it is really hard to say. But, I absolutely adore the look of miniature food.
    I have been having a fun time making cakes and other baked goods for my bakery (so I am hoping that if I have a shrinking accident that somehow, magically the food becomes real!).

  3. Hey Wendy! It's Lily! I love those little books! There must be something in the air because that's what I've been making a lot of lately. Though mine are not at all as realistic. I can't wait to see your sewing goodies! I've got a little 17cm gal coming my way in April. :) I've replied to all your e-mails but never get a response. Our e-mails must be especially delicious! haha. You need to start posting on Flickr again. That's where I spend most of my time these days. Are you still not able to? Miss you! <3

  4. Hello Wendy,
    Your table looked beautiful and I am glad the show was a success! The books are fantastic and so realistic. Well done!
    Big hug

  5. Your books are fantastic! I have been making 100s & 100s & 100s of tiny books because I have a 1/6 scale library set up on a shelf, & I just set up a 1/12 scale one on another shelf for my tinier dolls, but they aren't readable except for a few. I know what you mean about the accordion pages taking up so much room, but I never thought of printing on both sides. I'll have to think about that LOL it sounds like a lot of work.