Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"The Little Show" is Almost Here!!!!!

It's almost here. Just 3 days(ish)!!!

My dolly assistant, Kristin, seems to feel we're ready.

I hope she's right. I think everything that's going is pretty much ready to go.

I am shocked at how much more spiffy my books look in bags with headers. They look so... official!

I'm nervous, but excited. It's been a while since I sold at the Little Show, and this will be the first time ever we've sold as just US and not Norm's Dollhouse.

After the show, I guess it's all adding stuff to the website and making new things, which is my favorite part to be honest.

Especially with the help of a dolly assistant. I didn't think I would ever want another assistant, but Kris has definitely shown me otherwise.

And I'm not sure I'd be even close to ready for this show without her.

If you don't have a dolly assistant, I highly recommend it. :)

See you at the show!

- Wendy


  1. What an amazing little assistant you have! :) Have a great time at the show!

  2. Good to read how settled Kristin is and how helpful she is proving to be. Good luck at the show, I am sure you will do well and have a great time!

  3. Hello Wendy,
    Best of luck at the show!
    Big hug