Sunday, October 9, 2016

That's Enter-cane-ment!

Still no time for mini crafting, which is getting depressing.

But, this morning, before I head out to work, I did manage to get all my polymer canes organized.

I might have a slight addiction to polymer clay canes, I'm realizing.

Anyway, now they're all organized so when I DO have time to make stuff, they'll be easily accessible and ready for use!

Though, any ideas on what this one IS?

I've looked at it and looked at it and I genuinely have no clue. Any thoughts on what it's supposed to be would be most appreciated!

Though, at this point, no matter what it is I'm having a hard time imagining it on a mini cupcake. :)

Off to work (filling in for a coworker) but hopefully I'll have a couple crafty days and some time to PLAY coming up here soon!

Hope your Sunday is full of crafty, spiffy stuff!

- Wendy


  1. Those canes are adorable. I can see why you have so many. As for your unidentified cane, my first thought is a demonic rabbit. :) Other than that, maybe some sort of plant?

    1. LOL! Demonic rabbit was how it was reading for me too! Probably not really cupcake decoration material, no matter what. The funny thing is, it would be a pretty difficult cane to make, I think (for me anyway. I can make round ones, and that's about it.) So it must be a SOMETHING because it took some effort. But what? :)

      Demonic rabbit it may just be, though. :)

      Canes are WAAAAY addictive. And useful for many mini purposes. Just wait until you see them on a cupcake. Hopefully in the next couple of days! :)

      Thanks for your help!

  2. WOW, I do believe you're right about your cane addiction, however since I am just as guilty when it comes to collecting beads, I'll say no more except that I would agree that the cane in question does looks to me like a rather crazed bunny.

    Enjoy your little addiction! ;P

    1. Possibly a slight addiction. "slight". :) Beads are just as bad, though I've been pretty good about them. I'll bet you have an amazing collection!

      I'm excited to show you guys what I make out of these, so you know I'm not just hoarding them in a box whispering "My precious" over them. New post about that soon! :)

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting! :)

  3. Oh wow, those are some cute canes! As for your unidentified one...upside-down it sort of looks like a walrus or one of those squid characters from Star Wars (Admiral Ackbar?) lol :)

    1. Hey Farrah! Aren't they fun? I really do love them. So much potential in one little box! I like walrus, or Admiral Ackbar. I dunno. I can't imagine it on a cupcake, regardless. I will have to come up with SOMETHING to do with it, though, because I have 3 of them! D'oh! :)

      Thank you for your input! Have a great rest of your day! :)

  4. Oh my! So many beautiful canes - I am a little jealous. I saw some for sale earlier in the year when I attended a dollhouse show, but being overly confident I thought that I could make some myself. I made an orange and a lemon cane. But they are WAY TOO much work. (I might have to start collecting them too!)
    Everyone here also said "crazy bunny" when asked what your mystery cane was.

    1. Hey Sam! Oh yeah, they're a pain in the butt to make, for sure. For as cheap as they are, I think they're probably worth just buying if you can find the right ones. It's a pretty spiffy collection, really - pretty to look at and full of potential. I highly recommend a cane collection! :)

      Crazy bunny it may be. It's strange, whatever it is. I am really tempted to email the place where I got it and ask what it is supposed to be, but I don't want it to come off like a complaint. Hmm... well, we'll see. Because I really am curious. But IS there a nice way to say "So... what were you TRYING to make?" :)