Saturday, September 24, 2016

Busy, Busy, BUSY!!! Just a quick update.

I did another brain teaser for work. The answer will be at the bottom, and I have to warn you - this is a tough one. :)

David and I are both spending all of our time either at work, or working on this new business venture. It's going pretty well, I think. The webpage is nearly all sorted, and we're about ready to go!

One of the things I'm most excited about is that we'll be carrying Stewart Dollhouse Creations (this is a picture of her "Checkerboard Cake Kit". I LOVE Ruth Stewart's stuff, and I am just tickled that she's letting us carry her stuff on our little website!

Mostly I am fascinated with her molds, and I plan to do some tutorials and maybe even a couple kits of my own incorporating them.

But I am really excited to get to learn to do checkerboard cakes. They look amazing. 

We will also be carrying Dragonfly International stuff for similar reasons. I LOVE their little boxes and gift bag sheets! So much potential.

While we really want to focus on selling the minis that WE make, there are lots of nifty things out there that accessorize and compliment the things we make, so we are really thrilled to get to incorporate the work of these two artists into our site! :)

Once my life isn't constantly working on the website and working at work maybe I can get back to making stuff! I miss it. I'm so excited to get things going. I got my workspace all organized and I'm ready to CREATE!

My crafty room! Please pardon the dust! It's always a work in process.

Also, that big tank in the lower right of the picture is home to my pet turtle, Princess Kiwi.

I think she likes having me hanging around her tank all the time. I guess she likes the company. :)

Anyway, that's all the update I have right now. More excitement when I can get started making things. I am so excited to show you my newest mini makings... but not yet. :)

Here's the answer to the brain teaser. Did you get it?

 I will tell you that I most definitely did NOT.

But the cupcakes were mighty tasty. :)

Have a great weekend!

- Wendy


  1. Oh my, your workspace is so organized! Mine is...well, I cannot even think of an adjective! I am literally climbing over two boxes full of stuff, a wire sculpture, and a half built dollhouse, just to get to my desk!
    Good luck with your new ventures. (I have to say, I am really intrigued by the checkerboard cakes - they are beautiful!)
    Princess Kiwi is cute! I bet she is fun to watch swimming around her big tank. Pets are the best companions for sure.
    And no, I did not get this brain teaser. I like puzzles, but when math is involved my brain just says NO!

    1. LOL! Well, it's organized NOW. It was pretty serious excavation getting it to this point. But I couldn't FIND anything! And it's hard to work on stuff if you can't find your supplies (and buying MORE supplies to work on stuff is how I got to the point of excavating in the first place!) :)

      Thank you so much! The checkerboard cakes really draw me too. I can't even imagine how to make those in real life! I can't wait to try them. Updates here and on our official David & Wendy's Dollhouse blog too. :)

      I love hanging around with Princess Kiwi. She is remarkably attentive and friendly for a turtle, and I find her little face just adorable.

      Pets are awesome.

      And I don't blame you one bit on the brain teaser. It was HARD! AND math! BLEAH! :)

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! How's Bessie?

    2. Bessie is doing fine. She should be back in a few months!

  2. What a cozy and wonderful craft room you have! I love Princess Kiwi..I took my little girls to the pet store today, just to browse and we loved looking at the turtles. The seemed to look us right in the eye and be generally interested! I had a pet turtle back in college that I loved. :) Good luck with the new website!