Sunday, August 21, 2016

We're Outta Here....

In a quiet little art gallery...

... in the middle of Norm's Dollhouse...

... the statues are wondering what to do tonight...

... after the museum closes for the night.

*click* - lights go out - the museum is closed

David: Hmm?

Venus: Oh!

Venus: No one around...

Thinker: Ah ha...

Thinker: Ahhhhhhhhhh....

Thinker: Hmm, I think I've read this Gargoyle book before...

Thinker: Oh, hey Venus.

David: Hi guys! So the museum is closing, for good. But I have a plan! I know where we can go!

Thinker & Venus: Yeah?

David: Yeah! We're headed straight to eBay! We'll find great homes that way!

David: If I could just remember which direction eBay is in... hmm.

These three action figures have been fun, but my life just shifted drastically and I'm not so much in the "playing with dolls" mood. So, they are headed to eBay where hopefully they will find someone who IS in a "playing with action figures" kind of mood! Maybe you? Links are here -

David on eBay

Venus on eBay

Thinker on eBay


  1. These guys are so neat! I didn't know the Venus figure came with arms, that's really rad. Miss you! E-mail me soon so we can catch up! - Lily

  2. Hello Wendy,
    What great pictures, the post was so much fun. I hope they find a good home soon.
    Big hug

  3. What a funny post! This is the Wendy humor I absolutely love. These figures look awesome in the gallery, but I bet they will find good homes. Good luck!

  4. Oh this post was priceless! You really know how to tell a story with photos!
    It appears that Venus was holding back the fact that she DOES have arms after all. I wonder how she will manage without either of the boys around to assist with re-arming herself? Perhaps she and one of the fellas should be sold as a couple!? :D