Saturday, July 9, 2016

On a Bit of a Bunny Kick

 I've been on a bit of a bunny kick lately.

 Mostly, I think because there have been a bunch of them (real ones) in my yard and hanging around my garden.

So I made a bunch of bunny books for my library and book store. I love all of these and they ALL needed to come live in my book store and Etsy shop.

 Apparently we are filling up the "children's" section of the library and book store, because the next books I have in mind are all kids books too.

Including the entire 23 book set of Beatrix Potter's "Peter Rabbit Library". I started with The Tale of Peter Rabbit, of course. :)

What book store doesn't need some Beatrix Potter?

- Wendy


  1. Miranda's stories need to be in a place where they can be enjoyed by others. Even if your activities have changed and your focus has shifted, it's only right that she remains in a place of prominence. :)

  2. My honest opinion? I feel like Miranda is so very---herself, a very real character that you created. I know it sounds crazy but she came alive, this little four inch doll and I really loved this gutsy little doll interacting with all the other dolls of all shapes and sizes in the Wylde kingdom and bossing them about. I feel like merging the two blogs will dilute her story and somehow dilute your focus of Midnight in the dollhouse. Maybe leave Miranda to wander in her own way on her own blog and update it annually, two or three times a year, but I would not be hasty if I were you to do completely away with her and her story and the photos, of the past. You never know when you might wish to wander down that road again. For now, you have a new direction with Midnight in the dollhouse that is fresh and new, and Miranda can pop in now and again and add her two cents with. Miranda was really her own brand when you come to think about it. If it were not for me opening Haute Doll and seeing your bjd family and finding your blog, I would never have found Denver doll and had my own little family of bjd's, my own tinies, and Dixie, my own little Felix brownie, and Gracie, my souldoll and my other ones. For that I am grateful.

    Your books are marvelous and I too have been seeing an increasing amount of bunnies in the yard and all over the place lately- especially since I live in the country. I adore Beatrix Potter and her birthday is coming up soon here in July!

  3. I have a bunny in my yard this year too..... for the first time in many years living here! Hmmm... where are the foxes? I love all the Peter Rabbit books... having grown up with them! And my feeling about the Miranda Wandering blog joining with this one? My first reaction was "hooray"! Miranda will not disappear entirely! I think it is always a matter of personal choice how people organize their blogging life... some people segregate the different aspects of their blog-life, some can't keep them separate and refer to everything in one place. I am more like the all jumbled together type... so I am happy to have it mixed in! I think it is all a Journey... and sometimes we don't know where we are headed 'til we get there.... most of my projects are like that! LOL! I Love to see Miranda from time to time and I think she has wonderful and fun adventures... and I am a sucker for any interaction between the "real" and the "make-believe"... so please keep it coming! who says the imagination should only be let loose in books or movies or songs... I say let the creativity roll!!! Thank you for sharing! :)