Tuesday, July 26, 2016

And Then There Were Three...

Miranda will not be going up on eBay. Odds are pretty good she's just going in a box for a while and we'll see what happens. I got some very strange emails regarding her sale, and I have neither time nor inclination to deal with such things.

So into a box she goes.

I'm done with dollhouse sized BJDs, but there are still BJDs here.  Just bigger ones, and not many of them...

L - R: Cybelle (Dream of Doll Shall,
Lenore (Souldoll Tiffee), Ahma (Ginger Brook Hollow Grandma Sunday)

There are just these three. None of them are getting a Facebook account. None of them is getting their own blog. They might not even get their pictures taken all that often, but they make me happy, just being around.

Lenore was the start of this entire doll thing. Literally, THE doll that started it all. As it turns out, she was an influence on a LOT of people, and many folks got into BJDs after seeing her on Elisa's blog all those years ago. I had no idea until all this weirdness surrounding Miranda started.

Anyway, through strange circumstances, she somehow rode into my life. And for all the weirdness that she brought with her, I am glad she did.

So yeah... that's the update. No more tiny BJDs, but they won't be going up on eBay. I will probably always make some miniatures. And who knows what else I'll get up to?

Hope your weekend was less weird than mine. Who would've though putting a dolly up on eBay would be so drama inducing?

Onward we go...

- Wendy


  1. I'm so sorry you had to have all those messages and drama - shame on them. You didn't deserve that. Enjoy your three bigger girls, and have fun with whatever your new plans are.

  2. Hello Wendy,
    Those 3 dolls are just gorgeous. what wonderful craftsmanship and clothing. It's a shame people are so opinionated and don't believe in editing when they leave comments.
    Big hug