Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Books in the Shop!! And one of the weirdest....

So, even though I'm thinking I may be done with miniatures, I cannot seem to stop making books.

Guess that means I'd better keep my book store/coffee shop, so I have somewhere to put them. Right? :)

Anyway, I made a bunch of new books and they're available for sale in the Midnight in the Dollhouse Etsy shop. Including the weirdest title I think I've ever come up with....

"The Surprising Beauty of Manhole Covers of the WORLD".

Well, some of them ARE quite pretty. *shrug*

I dunno. It just seemed like a book that my book shop needed. Maybe I need to do more "coffee table" books.

There's also a three volume set of Mother Goose rhymes that I think are just about the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. They were illustrated by a guy named Frederick Richardson, and his artwork is just beautiful.

So pretty!

There's also a three volume set of riddles. Well, specific riddles. It is "The Book of One Hundred Riddles of the Fairy Bellaria" and they are so fun.

An arrogant and cruel King gets into a riddle duel with a beautiful, and clever fairy Queen. A duel to the death!

Anyway, if I ever have a shrinking accident, I am going to have plenty of stuff to read, which is GREAT!

Now if I can just figure out how to shrink down the coffee maker and microwave, I'll be set! :)

- Wendy


  1. I remember that Mother Goose rhyme of Daffy-Down- Dilly, but I had entirely forgotten it until I saw the lovely illustration in your mini book. I wonder if 21st Century mom still recite those to their kids?
    Your little books are a Treat! :D