Friday, June 17, 2016

Make Your Own Books

One of our friends on Facebook shared this link a while back -

It's the instructions and printies to make picture books, and they're way cute!

We made these two.

You use origami paper (or whatever kind of decorative paper you have handy) for the covers, and then the pictures are cut outs from her book pages. 

They went together really easily. 

And the pictures are really cute.

So, if you suddenly have an urge to make your own picture books, you should check out that link.

I am pretty addicted to making books, so I should warn you... BOOK MAKING CAN BE ADDICTIVE!!! Just so you know. :) Let me know if you try making these, though! I would love to hear how they come out and what you thought of book making! :)
- Wendy

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