Saturday, April 16, 2016

New Book and New Customers!

It's new book Saturday at Midnight in the Dollhouse

This weeks' book is the third one in our "Public Ledger" collection. It's called "The Unselfish Pig" and it's about a kind pig who teaches his selfish siblings about generosity. Full of beautiful illustrations, and available in both 1:10 (Hitty Size) and 1:12 (Standard Dollhouse Size).

We're also really tickled to have two customer photos to share!

This is Amaya reading her copy of "My Very Own Fairy Stories" on a rainy, New Mexico day.

Amaya lives with a Littlefee, named Ella, who has her own blog here - My LittleFee Adventures and sometimes she has adventures there too. :)

This is Maddy and Kilbey reading "The Little Prince". They live with an adorable, handmade cloth Hitty doll, named Caroline, who has a blog here - The Continuing Adventures of Hitty Caroline.

Many thanks to these wonderful little dollies for their orders, and for letting me share their pictures here!

More books soon, and we're working on some exciting new things too! Can't wait to show you! Have a great weekend!

- Wendy


  1. I love that your books come in two sizes for the 1:12 dollhouse scale/4 inch dolls, and the 1:10 Hitty scale for dolls that are closer to 6 inches. The books you make are of a high quality, and Amaya is enjoying having her own book collection! I appreciate your books and your broader creative skill and interests in the world of dollhouse/doll miniatures!

  2. Aww, thank you so much, Tracy! Having a bunch of different sizes of doll here in the Wylde Kingdom, there would've been outright rebellion of some of them could read books and some couldn't. :) I love your pictures of your book collection! Thank you so much for sharing your play with us!