Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Too Busy for Minis? - NEVER!

It must sound strange to say "I've been too busy to play with miniatures" since I work in a dollhouse store.

But playing with miniatures professionally is not the same as playing with them for fun.

 Not that I mind. Professional mini playing is pretty awesome too.So I really can't complain.

Working on customers houses is pretty rewarding, and a lot of fun. I learn something with every house.

Hopefully, though, I'll soon be able to snag a minute to play with my own toys.

There's a doll show this Friday and Saturday. I'll be representing Norm's Dollhouse there. It'll be weird being at a doll show with no dolls. Sometimes, I do miss Miranda.

Not that I would've had time to play with her right now, either.

Anyway, I hope your Autumn is wonderful and off to a great start. And I wish you time to play with minis. Wish me some too, okay?

- Wendy


  1. Hello Wendy,
    That customer's house is beautiful. Excellent work. I hope you have fun at the show.
    Big hug,

  2. Lovely pictures, it's a cozy house. I wish you a successful doll show and free time for yourself to enjoy your hobby :-)

  3. Oh I know your lament!:( When my shop was open I sometimes did everything but 'play' with minis. And I was surrounded by them. It is fun to work on commissions, you still get to play. Hard to explain to those that aren't in the business of it. I miss Miranda as well. The smaller shows are sometimes more easy to do.