Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Secret Life of the Toys of Toys

I have a fascination with the idea of toys playing with toys. My dollhouses generally have some kind of toys for the toys in them.

In fact, I have a whole toy shop in 1:12 scale.

So if MY toys come to life (and I kind of secretly think that maybe they do) do the toys of toys come to life when THEY aren't looking?


- Wendy


  1. That's such a lovely thought, it would be a great idea for a book or movie :-). Beautiful pictures, especially the last one! x

  2. The pics are so 'caught', I have always been fascinated with this idea too- do our dolls or toys move and 'live' when we are not there? Do they suddenly freeze on the floor or on the shelf when we carelessly come into a room and freeze so the human won't know how much fun they are having? Your pics capture this and make us wonder....maybe there is a subworld for the toys of toys, lol...Have you ever thought of doing a youtube video with the pictures fading one into another with some timeless, piano music ,,,very hypnotic . I have been playing with alot of stop motion photography and the dolls and houses and haven't reached something that satisfies me, but it is cool fun. Love this Wendy.

  3. Hello Wendy,
    Beautiful pictures. you have a wonderful collection!
    Big hug,

  4. I loved the idea of my dolls coming to life when I wasn't looking, as a child. I left out books and smaller toys for them to play with, in case they got bored. LOL

  5. I Love all the Beautiful Toys you have for your dolls, and of course I do believe all our dolls are alive :)

  6. Of course they come alive. Everyone knows that. I used to leave them sweets and they were always half eaten by the morning