Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Always Midnight Somewhere...

I am a serial blogger, I think.

I've started more blogs than anyone else I know. And probably shut down more too. But I can't seem to stay away from blogging. With the exit of the dolls, I thought I was done with blogging, but then these books showed up.

My friend, Kathleen, loaned them to me. I am so glad she did. Somehow, I made it through my childhood without reading them. I am so grateful to have found them now.

I had become kind of jaded about miniatures, dollhouses, dolls and all of it. But there's a wonder and a magic in these books that suddenly brought it all back.

And now... I'm blogging again. About miniatures.

Pictures of miniatures. Updates about projects. This blog will take over where I wanted all of the previous blogs to go, but they never quite did.


I think there's magic to be found here in these miniatures somewhere. Will you help me look for it, please?

- Wendy


  1. Your title of your blog is mysterious and intriguing. I totally understand about the blase aspect of it. For me, that happened with 1:12 scale. I needed a challenge in my building aspect/creativity- and 1:12 didn't do it for me anymore, nor the smaller scales- that's when I went larger in 1:6 and 1:4 and even 1:3...more detail, I guess and less out there in those scales to make it realistic. I think that is one reason I got away from the ebay aspect and started focusing on the art of the miniature, like you with this blog. For me it was creating miniature food and other accessories and really concentrating on 'honing' my skill level. Also, the fun of doing it just for doing it. There is so much you can do with this --- spooky, tranquil, and the photography aspect of it is an art form too. I very much miss Miranda, but understand in our creative worlds we need to challenge ourselves or we become the same old, same old. Love how you have done this blog!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and support, Lisa! It means a lot! And to tell the truth, sometimes I miss Miranda a lot too. But without her, I feel like there's a magic to my minis again, and I've missed that feeling. I can't wait to see where it goes. Thanks for coming along for the (hopeful) adventure! - Wendy