Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sally's Visit

I have a new little friend staying with me. She belongs to a friend of mine, and while my friend didn't tell me this little doll's name, I think she's a Sally. So Sally she'll be while she's here.

She's hanging out with me so I can make her some new clothes and spiffy her up a bit. I imagine she'll be staying for just under a week or so. We'll see. Anyway, this is her first night here.

Sally's evening began with watching the hockey game on TV from the best seat in the house: Dollhouse Guy's front pocket.

Once we got home, I discovered that Sally can wear clothes that were made for another doll long, long ago. This is awesome for two reasons: it means she's got jammies for tonight and it means I've already got patterns to sew for her. Yaay!

Sally will be staying in one of the many dollhouses here. This one used to be a barn, but was converted into a house when the barn was no longer needed. I think it's a cozy little place. Sally seems pretty comfortable. In fact...

She dozed right off. Night night, Sally.

I think this must've been kind of an interesting day for Sally. She's got a family at home waiting for her, but they've all barely been out of their packages, and she's already off on an adventure all by herself! Up next, a little spiffying and sewing. I hope it all works out as well as Sally's frog pajamas.

I guess we'll see.

- Wendy

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