Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sally Meets a Stranger

Sally had worked very hard cleaning up the little book store she'd found.

She didn't know where everything was supposed to go, but since there weren't any customers she figured it didn't really matter, and just did her best.

She watched the snow fall from one of the windows and was glad to be inside, where it was warm.

She'd already read this book once before, being a fairly fast reader.

But she had so enjoyed the Hitty book that she'd decided to read it again. She wished that she had someone around to discuss it with, and thought she'd bring a copy to her daughter when she went home.

Thinking about her daughter and how much she thought she'd enjoy the book made her wonder if the mail had come yet.

She had put the letter to her family out on the mailbox in front of the coffee shop, and though she'd never seen a delivery person, she figured if they wrote her back that would be where the letter would come. But so far, every day she checked (all 50 times a day she checked) it was always empty.

But this time, when she checked, while the mailbox was empty, she saw someone! 

Someone with a bag! Maybe a mail bag! She waved "hello" to the stranger and the stranger waved back.

But it turned out the stranger wasn't a mail delivery person. She was a friend of Wendy's and her name was Eve.

 Eve seemed friendly, and even though Sally was a little sad she didn't come with a letter from her family, she thought it still might be nice to have someone to talk to.

She welcomed Eve into the coffee shop, very glad that it was all cleaned up and ready for company, and asked Eve if she'd ever read a book about a doll named Hitty...

- Wendy

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